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Life On Your Terms


It's no secret that coffee is here to stay. Coffee is  a revered and often ritualized experience in cultures worldwide. This makes coffee the perfect commodity for home business entrepreneurs. Open this mini magazine for interesting facts.

Take a serious look inside the Valentus Business Opportunity. We have a series of 3 informative videos for you to view as you consider the possibilities of becoming a Valentus Indendent Representative. Learn about our culture, our compensation  plan and the enrollment options.

Business Introduction Video

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Compensation Plan Video - valentus_comp_plan_in_depth_overview_0jF1lWqaNr4_720p
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Grab a free spot while you look around and are considering this opportunity to see the power of our lucrative system as people begin to join under you in the powerline in real time. Receive email alerts every time someone signs up under you.  It's your chance to see our system in action for free.

Enrollment Options Video