• Amy Rawson

4 Simple Steps to Success With Valentus

People all over the world are saying "yes" to Valentus because the success system used by distributors is simple and almost anyone can do it. So, what is this 4 step system? Discover the simplicity system in this article.

Use the Product

The backbone of this entire opportunity is our amazing products. For that reason, the first step in building a successful business is to become a product of the product. That means, use the products so that you can feel confident that it works and be able to honestly tell people that this is for real.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the most exciting parts of this opportunity is the power-line system. This powerful internet driven system does 95% of the work for you to create a major sense of urgency to maximize your upgrade ratio and commissions fast! Although the system does 95% of the work, that means there is still 5% of the work for you to do. That 5% involves driving traffic to your website. By inviting prospects to your site and encouraging them to pre-enroll you will have, the more member upgrades you will have. And the more members you have, the more duplication you have, the more momentum you have, and the more money you will make.

Follow Up

Because the system does 95% of the follow up work for you, following up with your pre-enrollees is simple. The best thing to do is give your pre-enrollees a quick phone call just to let them know that you are there to help them and that they are in a great position in your team. When you send prospects directly to your website, they will receive the emails from the system and you can follow up with them. Best of all, you wil be provided with everything you need to know exactly how to follow-up effectively. 

Have Fun and Duplicate

This business is fun and simple. You will experience an amazing product and earn money by sharing the great opportunity and our great products with others. What could be better?

Contact me for an in-depth look inside our unique business model.

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