• Amy Rawson

SlimRoast Experience the 6 Packs Are Flying Out the Door

Most of the testimonials you see on this site began with the 6 day discovery pack. We know that people these days have tried every weight management product out there and can be skeptical, and understandably so. That's why we offer a sweet chance to put SlimROAST coffee to your own personal test. You will get 6 packets of SlimROAST coffee.

Drink one packet mixed in 10 oz. of hot or cold water every morning for 6 consecutive days 2 hours before breakfast.  You will notice a decrease in appetite, a great mood, a light, happy mood and by the end of day 6 you will know that something has started to happen. You may lose pounds, you may lose inches, and you may lose both. Give it a try today. Our many testimonials will give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to make SlimROAST your new morning coffee. 

Six packets for $20: It will be the best life-changing decision you ever make for $20.

Your Epic Journey Begins Here!

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