• Amy Rawson

The Guys Speak Up

Jason's Story: "I hate taking pictures of myself and the first picture is why. The first pic is from June 28th and I had been on the COFFEE 3 weeks. I had dropped 7lbs in those 3 weeks. Jump forward to 3 weeks later, I am down another 19lbs. I started the 12&24 last Saturday and dropped 15.4lbs in 7 days and I am still going. I have also lost 6 inches around my waist. This is the real deal."

When the guys speak up and post pics of their results, it's a huge deal.

Scott's Story: "Finally getting around to posting my results. Don't really need to say anything other than a picture is worth 1000 words."


Matt's Story: "This is my progress after 4 months."


Bill's Story: "Never did I think I'd be posting my own photos. I have to admit I was quite cynical regarding the ability to drink coffee and simply lose weight without major lifestyle changes. Am I glad I took the leap and gave it a try and I finally dare to post before and after pictures, although I'm not finished yet, this is 40 lbs in just shy of 6 months with no other lifestyle changes. I have Hashimoto's disease which means my thyroid is very hypo-active and every other attempt at losing weight has eluded me to this point. I am so grateful to have my life back and feeling amazing!!!"

Thank you guys for sharing your stories. Incredible!

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