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The Prevail Creed

The Prevail Creed

Created to support you in your efforts to start fresh and establish healthy daily rituals. From our premium coffees you make and drink upon waking, to delicious, functional powders to mix with water to carry you throughout the day, to our calming, beautifying, rejuvenating formula to drink at bedtime, every aspect of your inspired day is met with purpose and vitality.

Our mission is to encourage you to connect with a vibrant, healthy, beautiful body that performs on all cylinders. Our products will not only re-calibrate your system physically, but will inspire you to make your health a priority.


Rituals like the ones you’ll establish while doing the Valentus lifestyle program have been shown to reduce anxiety, boost confidence, reduce body fat and improve performance. Build a body you love living in, so that you can get out there and achieve all that you want and deserve!  


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