• Amy Rawson

Too Many Big Money Earners To Count

Valentus is a company hitting record growth daily. Our key product, SlimROAST coffee, is the perfect way to engage with customers and new business partners. But we don't stop there. We help people lose weight and then keep it off with amazing Prevail Beverages.

Making life-changing income is the cherry on top at Valentus. There are literally too many Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, and Blue Diamond Distributors making six and seven figure income at Valentus to name them all. Reaching the Diamond level also qualifies you for the Valentus Car Bonus which is $300-$3000 EXTRA a month toward your vehicle of choice. A job well-done is acknowledged not only with great big checks, but with recognition, bonuses, trips and other monetary incentives. Reaching Diamond and above is the goal of a Valentus Distributor and many people make it to the Diamond Club in their first 30-90 days in the business.

Starting a Valentus business is the perfect storm for success. Second to none, high-demand products that are easy to use, delicious, and that work, paired with the highest compensation plan in the direct sales industry, is a winning combination for success.

New Diamonds Distributors are born everyday at Valentus. Because our unique products taste great and work so well, and because the compensation plan makes earning great money a cinch, it's not difficult to find business partners and customers.

What does it take to get to Diamond? It takes commitment, following our 4 step plan and staying connected and engaged. The way to reach Diamond is the exact same way you reach your very first customer and your very first business partner. All distributors engage in the same methods daily to grow and increase their organizations. 

When you get started at Valentus, you will be taught how to make $500 a month, $1,500 a month, $3,000 a month, and so on ... all the way up to six and seven figure income. It's a tried and true daily method that every successful Valentus Distributor follows.  


Are you ready to learn more about a future with Valentus? Contact me for more information.


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