• Amy Rawson

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Got Started

This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move … — HONORÉ DE BALZAC

What I wish I would have known before I started my coffee business.

… that starting a business is like having a child, it’s not a short-term project, it requires substantial hand holding, it constantly needs you, ever bit of you at all hours of the day. Be ready to work hard.

… not to fret over the details. Don't let the details consume you because it will keep you from focusing on the big picture.


… your business name MATTERS. Think hard about your business name, mull it over with friends. You don’t want to change your business identity halfway through.

… everything takes longer than you think. Be patient with yourself, you won’t meet your own deadlines.

…  have fun. I look back on my starter year so fondly. I wish I would have slowed down to enjoy the moment. Take more pictures, send out updates to your customers, your friends, your future customers. Personalize your social walls with your own history. Personalize and customize, customers love this stuff.

I wish I would’ve known earlier of how fun and rewarding  it is to actually own your own coffee business! I know timing is everything, and there is never a bad time to start a coffee business, but my advice to anyone looking to start one is… DO IT!

Contact me for more information. It's hands-down how people all over the world are creating income from home beyond their wildest dreams.

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